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Pretty Pet Pony Salon

BeeStripe LLC

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How To Play

Enter the magical world of our cutest ponies in Pretty Pet Pony Salon Games
A game for kids and kids at heart! Pretty Pet Pony Salon Games is an animal care game that lets you play and take care of our cutest ponies: Lily, Bella, Nikki, and Daisy.
The game is really easy, as you play it, you can wash, groom, and even customize your pet ponies. Have fun by cutting their hair or even curling them and changing its color.
You can also dress them up - mix and match shirt, pants, and dresses until you achieve your pretty pony look.

What’s New:

Unlock all the ponies and clothing by watching rewarded ads and enjoy playing with more clothes and ponies to choose from!
This game is designed for little kids and kids at heart who want to play with cute ponies and take care of them like they are their own pets fit in the comfort of your mobile phone.
So make sure you won’t miss out, Install play the game now.

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